“Miki Agrawal brings the wit and provocation of a performance artist to marketing products that have historically been associated with shame — and she’s catalyzed a movement along the way.”

— Fast Company


Miki is a social entrepreneur who loves to use designed innovation to break taboos and change culture.

She's passionate about sharing her knowledge and strategies, from idea to launch to growth to overcoming setbacks, in the most human way possible.

Social Entrepreneur. Inventor. Author. Speaker. Impact Investor. Creative Director. Dreamer. SEEKER.


Miki’s in the business of the FOUR Ps:

PIZZA — eatdrinkwild.com

Gluten-free, farm-friendly pizza eatery, 3 locations in NYC.
“Best gluten-free pizza”
— AM New York

PERIODS — shethinx.com

Period-proof underwear phenomenon
“Most Innovative Companies of 2017”
— Fast Company

PEE — iconundies.com

Pee-proof underwear for the unapologetic woman
“For the leaky ladies of all ages”
— Bustle

POOP — hellotushy.com

Designer bidet attachment for the modern pooper.  
“The best favor you can do for your bottom.”
— Bustle

Catch Miki speaking: