"Miki is a true force of nature and brings fire power to every room. She is a generator and one of the best creatives I have seen take a stage. I am excited to see her speak again. "


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The only danger is not to evolve. This provocative, inspiring, funny, creative talk shares how anyone can disrupt their industry and evolve their business creatively so they can maintain a competitive edge. Miki shares hard-won wisdom and best practices from her experiences in building $150+ million brands in seemingly immovable categories. She shares her strategies that motivated people to transform from skeptics to fans. In this talk, Miki also offers strategic insights on how she designs her brands to stand out in the noisy advertising and digital world, and where creative innovation has been stagnant for decades. She will also share how to navigate and manage PR using atypical creativity and design in an ever-changing, click-focused media world. 


So often, in business and in life, we live safely so not to "fail and be embarrassed".  Society often makes us pay if we fail, so saving face is the game many of us feel forced to play, and this often prevents us from starting at all. In this powerful keynote, Miki shares 5 strategic steps to turn failure into revelations and offers clear insights on how to reimagine failure in a productive, courageous and tenacious way. 

DO COOL SHIT: How to Go from Step 0 to Step 1 in Creating Your Best Life and Igniting Your Passion Projects

With 54 percent of college graduates currently unemployed or underemployed and 39 percent of people between the ages of 22 and 34 moving back to their parents' homes, entrepreneurship is not only a viable option, but the most vibrant option for an exciting future. In this presentation, Miki shares her eye-opening stories—from being the star midfielder on a Division 1 women's soccer team, to opening WILD, a restaurant in New York City with no prior experience, to launching THINX, a massively successful period-proof underwear solution, to launching and scaling her innovative bidet product TUSHY, to writing a #1 bestselling entrepreneurship book DO COOL SHIT (and soon Disrupt-Her), to setting a world record on NBC's Jimmy Fallon Show (bc why not)—and empowers her audience with real life lessons and steps to live boldly and authentically - if they're willing to work hard, act on their ideas, stand up for their beliefs, and turn their creativity into reality.

You will laugh, reflect, and receive a refreshing jolt up your spine and in your spirit. Most importantly, you will walk out knowing that regardless of your background, income, or education, it is possible to wake up every morning looking forward to a cool, fun, rewarding, make-a-difference life, which you created yourself. This keynote is ideal for colleges, high schools, women's groups, empowerment groups, self-help seminars, and young leaders.